February 5, 2023
Solar Automobible

Solar Automobible

Solar Energy Driven Automobile

Gasoline is the only fuel option for automobiles. But given the instability of prices for fossil fuels and the fact that they are not a renewable resource, it is imperative that action be taken before it is too late. If solar power, a renewable source of energy, is used to power an entire community, then you may achieve the same thing on a smaller scale by constructing your own vehicle according to the same concepts that were used for the larger project.

However, what do you need in order for this to be successful? There are several things, but the solar array and the batteries are the two most important ones.

The solar array is extremely important since it is responsible for capturing the rays of the sun and subsequently converting them into power. There are two different types available for purchase: the premade kind and the individual type, which requires the customer to put it together on their own.

The importance of the battery cannot be overstated given that it is where the solar energy will be stored. You have the option of going with lead acid, lithium-ion, or nickel-cadmium batteries for this. The voltage of your motor will determine the number that you need to purchase.

You will need to install instrumentation that is analogous to the heads up display console found in conventional automobiles so that you can determine your speed, fuel consumption rate, and gas. This will allow you to determine how much power is still left in your batteries.

The only automobile that use solar power at the moment are the ones that are only used in races, particularly the one that is conducted in Australia that travels all the way from the northern part of the country all the way down to the southern portion of the country. If people have gained a better understanding as a result of this that renewable sources of energy are indeed the key to the future, then the major automobile manufacturers should investigate the possibility of utilizing this technology rather than continuing to rely on gasoline.

However, biodiesel is another option that can be considered a sustainable form of fuel in addition to solar electricity. This is a combination of an alcohol such as methanol and a chemical change that separates glycerine and methyl esters (biodiesel) from fats or vegetable oils. Methanol is the alcohol in this combination. Corn and sugarcane are two more sources that can be utilized for this purpose.

Even though they are not a renewable source of energy, these are nonetheless regarded to be green energy sources due to the fact that they are cleaner than traditional gas. Because of this, you won’t be contributing to the pollution that harms the environment by releasing dangerous substances like carbon monoxide into the air. Consider utilizing a different kind of fuel if you are unable to build a vehicle that is powered by the sun.

Source: Fameph.com

Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash