March 23, 2023
Novotech presented with Cell & Gene Excellence Award 2022
FeedZig | Novotech presented with Cell & Gene Excellence Award 2022 at 6th Cell & Gene Therapy World Asia Conference | SYDNEY, AU, Sept 15, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – Novotech, the leading Asia Pacific biotech specialist CRO, has been awarded the Cell & Gene Therapy Clinical Trials award at the 6th Cell & Gene Therapy World Asia 2022 conference. Novotech has extensive experience in cell & gene therapy clinical trials across Asia Pacific. The Asia Pacific accounts for over a third of cell & gene therapy trial activity with China being the leading location in APAC. In addition, APAC has nearly a 50% faster growth rate in cell & gene therapy trials than ROW. Blood cancers (ALL, NHL, DLBCL, lymphomas), solid tumors, viral infections, liver and gastrointestinal tract cancers are the top indications in China-based cell & gene therapy trials between 2016 and 2021. Watch our recent Endpoints News webinar for more information: EVOLUTION OF CELL & GENE THERAPY IN CHINA: THE CASE FOR UNIVERSAL CAR-T The award was presented to Novotech during the 6th Cell & Gene Therapy World Asia 2022 conference (14th – 15th September) at the Sheraton Towers, Singapore. Novotech CEO Dr. John Moller said, “We are extremely pleased our team has been recognized with this prestigious award at the 6th Cell & Gene Therapy World Asia 2022 conference. Cell & gene therapy is driving recent innovations in biotech and it is an honour to be recognized as the CRO at the forefront in Asia-Pacific supporting this vital clinical research. Cell & gene therapy research typically presents another level of complexity and regulatory processes which means an experienced CRO partner is vital. Our deep experience, exceptional site and investigator relationships – which also translates to patent access – our project management approach focused on problem-solving, ownership and flexibility, and our investments in data and technology combine to deliver the service biotechs need in this specialist sector for success.” Novotech has recently also been benchmarked as a top 10 CRO among the world’s leading CROs, and has signed 45 Leading Site Partnership agreements over the last 3 years. Download our latest data reports here: EVOLUTION OF CLINICAL TRIALS IN THE ASIA PACIFIC REGION COMPARED TO THE US AND THE EU5 About Novotech Novotech is the leading Asia-Pacific centered, globally capable, biotech specialist CRO. Novotech has integrated labs and phase I facilities and provides drug development consulting and clinical development services across all phases. It has been instrumental in the success of approximately 4,000 clinical trials across a broad range of therapeutic areas. Novotech is well-positioned to serve biopharma clients conducting clinical trials in Asia-Pacific and the US. For more information visit Media Contact David James E: AU: +61 2 8218 2144 USA: +1 415 951 3228 Asia: +65 3159 3427